About Us

Every venture has an objective, a goal to say, in mind.

Starting this site, we knew that as young women in the 21st century, we had a responsibility to make a difference. And we wanted our voices to be heard.

Our purposes for creating this site are simple.

We want to impart knowledge, make our readers smile and think, ponder and be up-to-date with what is happening in both our country, South Africa, and the world.

To do this, we’ve divided our site into a few categories:

  • The News – Our Perspective: Anyone can hear the news on the radio or Google articles but what we do is bring a new outlook on it. What is it that we see when reading the breaking news? What is it that the facts are not saying? So not only do we bring you the news, but we ask you to think too.

And obviously, seeing as we live in South Africa, we have a separate section for that. No use living in a country when you don’t know what is happening in it.

  • Our Brain Explosions: Daily life is a drag. Things happen and it’s all sad and drabby. This is a little light, a little fire, a little ‘let me just tell you what the darn heck I am going through’ for you. It’s relatable and sometimes ridiculous and sometimes angry. That’s why it’s a brain explosion. To let all our emotions out.


  • The Reader’s Pen: We read. Surprise surprise. But we also like to share what we read with you so in this category we post our attempts at reviews. Nothing professional. Just a little insight to our free-time activities.


  • Voiced & Viral: Everyone has opinions and we’d like to know what yours are. Through interviews and guest writers, we let our readers know what other people are thinking too.


And that’s about it. Hopefully with a little bit of help and encouragement we will be able to make that difference that we are striving for: a change for a better 22nd century.

Realistic with a dash of pessimism

Ayesha and Hafsa

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