Our Brain Explosions

Have you ever looked out a car window or people watched whilst sitting in a bench and wondered to yourself: Damn, there are so many lives being lived that I do not know about. Like seven billion people experienced today differently.

Some had thoughts that plagued their minds, some attended classes while others cooked while others wrote while others painted while others laughed and others still, cried.

Our Brain Explosions brings to you the chance to read about other people’s experiences in a large array of ways. Maybe it’ll be what a certain action made them feel like or what it’s like to sit through a boring lecture that’s not only compulsory but also has a sweating professor with a monotone voice and a unibrow.

Either way, you’ll have a chance to read the thoughts of others and maybe escape your own funny little mind for a bit.

It’ll be contradictory and make you angry. But it’ll make you laugh and ponder too.

Just what one needs at the end of long harrowing day – some feeling.